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    Gandalf: 5.54F  keeps scanning 2 files.


    EProjManager.exe 6e77fc1cb52a6e6bf906d8afbe35a000dcb2ed443f724dd37724d9460f80ac35 1.18 MB

    AttachToEmail.exe 758d9584418177bf5f584cea8a073262c1cb8c6c89ed9a8fc93afc384b7f70f2 0.51 MB

    Reset white list doesn’t work because scan must be finished first.

    What to do now?

    Oops, the analysis machines quit processing files over night… this happens every 3 or so days so there must be a bug in the analysis machine code.  I will keep an eye on it and figure out why this happens… we have to figure this out before we release VS 5.50 to the public.

    Anyway, it should work now… just refresh the scan.  You might have to close VS and open it again.  Thank you!