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    Dan:… one of his security apps was locking the file permissions of an item that WLC was trying to scan, so it put it into an infinite loop.

    That’s exactly why I don’t have, er… clouds… of security on my boxes.  Not bashing any particular ethnic group here, but there’s a certain jurisdiction south of Canada that knows precisely the pain Krusty was having: there is indeed such a thing as having too much disconnected security, they all fight over the spoils in the end.

    I run VS and Windows Firewall, that’s it.  Occasionally I’ll light up a malware scanner and sweep the system, but even then I have to tell myself “I’m NOT paranoid, I’m NOT paranoid, I’m NOT paranoid…”


    Understanding the scope of the problem is the first step on the path to true panic. [Florence Ambrose, "Freefall"]