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    Thank you guys!  Krusty was having an issue where one of his security apps was locking the file permissions of an item that WLC was trying to scan, so it put it into an infinite loop.  Normally this kind of error would be caught, but it was happening in one of VS’s dll’s, so the error was not logged.  Anyway, it should be fixed now… and hopefully there are not going to be any other bugs that create this issue.  But if there are, just let me know!

    If VS is running fine, you should be able to install over the top, but if not, I would do a clean install.

    VS 5.54F beta
    SHA-256: 68441b9c1cdb871cd0181ead2b6fecd441582fccb6bbd4b3d144e72ec746186d

    Thank you guys, talk to you soon!