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    G’day Dan and Members,


    I’ve watched the video and, read all the responses so far in this topic.

    I do regularly use a paid VPN service.

    Up until a few years ago I hadn’t believed in them. That has changed as of a couple of years ago.

    Due to some idiotic behaviour on behalf of a “housemate” the home network was compromised. He suffered a severe case of identity theft as a result. My equipment was being “probed” quite regularly without success.

    The now “ex-housemate” was advised, by police, to replace every item he owned that was connected to the network at the time of the crime. He was also advised to change all of his online accounts; email addresses, site logins, plus his cell phone and, phone number.

    I had to change my router. No biggie.

    I did receive a large number of phishing phone calls on my cell phone(I believe my cell number was harvested from ex-housemate’s equipment.) I just blocked and reported all calls of that type.

    There was further advice from police that I should consider utilizing a VPN. I did so and the probing ceased.

    It may merely be a coincidence that the attempts ceased, however, for now I’ll be keeping the VPN. It’s a lot easier to change VPN servers than it is to shut down the router, for in excess of 4 hours, waiting for the connection to refresh to obtain a new IP address.

    I’m happy to “wear” the approximate 10% @100mbps drop in connection speed as a result of running the VPN; for the time being, anyhow.

    I suppose it’s a case of “horses for courses.”


    Take care Everyone.