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    Hehehe, actually writing code is very relaxing to me… it is like my version of a crossword puzzle ;).  The only time I get stressed is when there are bugs that are a PITA for our beta testers.  We do not have to add sophisticated features like WLC, but I would bet that looking back, most people are quite happy that we did so ;).  I mean, it is one thing to say “Your computer is safe”… meaning malware was not found.  But it is an entirely different thing when WLC tells you “All Safe”… meaning only known safe files are running on your system.  These are seriously two very different things, and I am happy that we all stuck with it and made it through ;).  So thank you guys!

    BTW, I spend a ridiculous amount of time at the park with Gracie and do other fun and relaxing stuff all the time.  But yeah, everyone needs to take a break from tech every once in a while ;).

    I know what you mean, Meastro, was the same for me back in the day…and sometimes I wish I could go back to it…but we all have to move on. Glad that Gracie is there to get you out and about…again, it is the same with me & my Bella.

    Update: All seems to be working as it should here… I am getting 12.7 second scanning with WLC reporting All Safe…and the impact does not appear to be noticable.

    Yup, well glad that you took the plunge with both WLC originally and then with the integration into the core of VS…another great USP.

    Do have that relaxing weekend.

    Respect, Baldrick