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    Chris W.
    Hi Dan, I’m brand new here, just signed in about an hour ago. First and foremost, Thank You!  VS has recently saved an old dino gaming rig of mine where nothing else would. It would seem that it works very good as an intervening/rescue agent of sorts as well. It was able to install VS with a little finesse onto a trojan_GEN32_variant RAT infected machine where every other attempt was most likely recognized as a threat and would fail. It had a little help from a couple small utilities, but in the end it installed, blocked and allowed me the chance to use many of the prescribed tools at Bleeping to remove the stubborn thing. After initial detection by Malwarebytes and an almost successful quarantine, things got decidedly more aggressive and downright violent on my hard drive, lol.  I’ve been  reading and learning and what a great idea! It’s a perfect opposing-compliment to the current attemptive-prevention products on it’s face, or rather I think I should say, they make a good ‘just in case’ to VS, but after having just ‘adapted and overcome’ with VS, it’s clearly much more powerful and I’m thinking not fully realized, lol! I’m ecstatic and can’t wait to try some other things. This is exciting stuff, especially with the mongol hoards ready to breech the walls at every turn! I want to ask if this is okay, sort of experimenting with different uses. Nothing in VS would be altered, I wouldn’t know how, but I just want to insert it into some unusual and different hostile scenarios (machines I have saved that are malware basket cases) to see what happens – and hopefully regain a couple expensive computers and their data.

    Oh, also, (Sorry I got carried away there) I was going to say, I came over from Wilder’s just now where I’ve learned a ton of great stuff and since been able to defend my current home based machines actually pretty well and know how to properly respond in quite a few situations to mitigate attacks in real time. I’m almost enjoying going online again, lol! So, reading the above posts, I immediately thought of the hundreds if not thousands of very knowledgeable and probably thankful people who would, were I more skilled and knowledgeable at present, like myself be happy to help out with a little digital cloak and dagger as it were, nothing illegal of course, but i bet some of the fellas there could run them a seriously good chase and block sort of time occupying super annoying and befuddling interference type of scenario that would leave them little time to harass and do the same to you, probably be a great way to collect some really good data on the identities and methods, too, helping with later prosecution and defense of know tactics, etc! Not to say that you’re not completely competent enough to handle it yourself, I mean no disrespect at all, this is just my two cents in having gained a little knowledge and feeling probably way too empowered to go out and finally do something to back these jerks off a notch or two. I’ve gone through five routers in the last two years and the last I watched as I plugged it in and connected the broadband fiber and watched as the name of the home network was changed inside the firmware to the old name that ‘they’ had complete control over! AT&T thought I was full of it, no way that can happen… They came out and watched again with me as it did it again. I gave them the look and they looked at each other like, ‘did you see that?’ We all just started laughing. Two more routers off of the service truck and they were locked out again, and I didn’t have to pay the $99.99 service call charge!

    Wow, looking up this probably may have/should have been in another post/topic. kind of new to forums, too, other than Wilder’s. Will head on over to the rules section next and do some studying there, too, lol!

    Thank you again, Dan, for VS, it’s time has come and I’m really glad it’s by/in your hands!!! I’ve often thought the security software industry was much like the hardware in that they wish to us every dirty trick and dole features out to us all one insignificant and useless feature at a time yet charge like it’s a whole new product sort of milking the masses type of deal and much like cell phones make them so overly complex to posses one that you just sign and hang on hoping for the least damage throughout… Do you remember MCI and ‘The Pindrop’, you could hear a pin drop in the background of a call it was so crystal clear, that’s hilarious when you think of the next big commercial as being ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ ……… and we still can’t, lol!  VS works, does what it says it will and more, and that is just so damn nice to experience again!

    Chris W.