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    Geri123: @SudoJudo If they live in the usa I can totally understand why they would want to avoid any problems with 3letter agency’s.
    How did spilling “secrets” worked out for the last person who did it in public…
    Not saying that this is right but I could understand it…
    If Dan is ok with it maybe start posting stuff here?

    Good point. It was pretty clear they were having influence exerted over them. Especially when I pointed out that Heilig Defense was a CIA front (w/evidence). That got me a major warning tick and the post was completely deleted. I can see spilling state secrets, that’s one thing, but pointing out what is readily available so people can make informed decisions? That’s actual suppression of information that could be important for forum members to make informed decisions. However in all cases, they couldn’t cite any specific rules violations whatsoever.

    So I would be very careful over there based on that. Also posting credentials, security profiles, and personal details is likely going to get you nicked with some active surveillance from that place.

    Remember, their so-called Giveaways require  you to not only post identifying system/security information, but to also give them access to your social media. Effectively datamining exactly who you are, where you are, and what security/hardware you use. They call that public domain intelligence mining.

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