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    Karma always catches up.

    Speaking of which, can someone tell those clowns that run MalwareTips to delete my account? (SlyGuy) I will never login or post over there again, so they can just be done and delete it. I blacklisted MT domains on my router to make sure I am not tempted to login or visit.

    A couple days ago they raised my warning level from 10% to 81% in one day and the posts they cited for rules violations didn’t actually have any rule violations in them AT ALL. When asked them to point out specific rule violations they couldn’t actually do and it just kept saying to review the rules. (LOL) A few trends I noticed about MT – people that defend VoodooShield over there don’t last. People that expose intelligence operations and methods (and more importantly defenses) don’t last. Criticize the CIA, NSA, Mossad/Unit8200 and you won’t last. They have an agenda over there but work to keep the agenda from being publicly disclosed.