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    Dan: It’s funny that you mention this… just today I had a CRAZY encounter with a tech support scammer.  He tricked a client of mine into calling them with a fake popup, and then locked his computer with Lock My PC 4.6.  So we talked to the guys for about 45 minutes and finally convinced them to give us the password.


    BTW, a few people are trying 5.53c… if it all goes well I will post the version later tonight.  Or you can probably guess the url ;).

    Anyway, I think the bug has to do with odd file types that are not covered by WLC.  And when WLC encounters these files, it puts it in a loop.  So I think we are getting close, and then I will fix the other couple of things, and we should be good to go!  Sorry this is taking so long… it is actually going better than I expected, especially considering how many moving parts and new code we are working with here.  Thank you guys!

    I genuinely don’t understand how the scammers are as successful as they are. They’re so unprofessional and pushy.

    I can understand how an old person or a novice user would be dooped by the techno babble about “errors and warnings being sent to our secure server” or something to the effect of “your ip address has been corrupted!”

    or even the bile spewed from those fake virus alert popups. I can imagine a lot of novice users being dooped by those.

    But almost immediately these scammers will speak with broken english and if you ask them what company they’re with, they’ll B.S. about “we’re microsoft certified technicians for Microsoft windows”

    They’re laying it on pretty thick that they’re professionals, but not a word about the company they’re with.

    The good news is. They all say the exact same things no matter which call center it is. So it’s pretty easy to teach people to spot that these guys are scammers right away.

    We all here at this forum should spread the word about these scams to our friends off screen. Especially our elderly friends.

    Oh fun fact…Most of the time, if they set a syskey on someone to hold their PC hostage, the password will always be super weak. I’ve seen several scam baiting videos where the password turned out to be 123456

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