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    Thank you guys for the logs and databases, that helped a lot. This was a very odd bug that should have been exposed by now, but for some odd reason it was not. I cannot reproduce the bug, but it should be fixed now.

    It would not surprise me if we have a couple more bugs like this over the next few days, but we are pretty much out of the woods at this point.

    You should be able to install over the top, but if not, you know what to do.

    Also, as far as not being able to close / uninstall VS… once you close VS, it will uninstall just fine. My concern is VS not closing properly… so if VS does not close properly for someone, please send me your C:\ProgramData\VoodooShield\DeveloperLog.log and I will take a look to see why it is not closing as it should.

    VS 5.54C beta
    SHA-256: 339084536dcd31128a447e30f3bfda26b5c6c9754d90b6b280b02b6753d7a060

    Thank you guys!