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    Thank you guys… I will catch up on the posts I missed asap. This version has a few more small bug fixes including handling for files that are too large to upload, which was also causing the infinite scan. The current limit is 100mb, but it will soon be 500mb or so. Files that are too large to upload are automatically labeled as Not Safe until the user manually whitelists them.

    Please try 5.54B and if you are still experiencing the infinite scan, please email me your C:\ProgramData\VoodooShield\whitelist.db file. There is probably something odd about an item in the whitelist, but it should be an easy fix once I see the database and see what is unique about the item that is causing the infinite scan.

    Installing over the top should be fine.

    VS 5.54B beta
    SHA-256: eb1531c095e2fb5bae84798fbc4b063b6ebca487a5385816fbe40aa862699aaf

    Thank you guys, talk to you soon!