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    I think there are many peeps like myself using Windows Firewall with either WFC or Glasswire.  All we lack is the scan function, but…

    • That doesn’t matter as most of us have already decided which apps can have permission to phone home, and no amount of “Safe” results will change that decision.
    • And in any case, the WFC “basic” list is very abbreviated, just enough to keep Windows connected and no more.

    So an option to not install WLC may be well received, as keeping it would be needless duplication.


    Another thing to consider is that some routers (my ASUS for example) will “disconnect” while updating with new or extended settings, e.g.: adding a new device to the DHCP list.  This always causes a “firewall panic” when WFC thinks that all the rules have been reset and wants to “fix” the problem :@  I have no good suggestions for resolving this 🙁

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