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    Geri123: For me the check boxes in WLC with inbound and outbound are not clear enough to understand (without looking for the manual).
    When I check the box “inbound” for file X does it allow inbound traffic or blocks inbound traffic?
    I mean I have legit safe files where I don’t see the need why they want to connect to the internet (not talking about cracks or such)


    Maybe give a hint in the columns description above?

    No clue how to delete the .tiff so added .png




    Yes, clicking the block creates a either an inbound or outbound firewall rule for that item.  We probably need to make that a little more clear, and if anyone has any suggestions on how we can do so, I would appreciate it!

    I should be able to update the VoodooShield User Guide in a week or so, and that will help some.  Thank you!