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    Hey guys, here is 5.53e.  The Tor issues is fixed, and this bug might have caused a few other unnecessary blocks on unique items, but either way it should be fixed now.  Also, the small slowdown bug is fixed, which might fix the FF open all tabs issue as well, if not, please let me know.

    As far as Edge and Brave goes, I have the process names msedge and brave hardwired in, although there is not currently an option to enable or disable the brave web app.  The Edge web app option should work for both the old and new Edge.  These are working for me, but I am guessing that if these are  not working for other people, then the process name must be different… because really all I have to do is enter the correct process name and it works.

    You probably do not have to perform a clean install or reset the whitelist, but if it does not work as expected then I would try that first.

    Other than that I think we are almost good to go… thank you guys, please let me know if you find anything!


    VS 5.53e beta
    SHA-256: 73770b6a1e9d9de5d506e0814fb8c2658b5d9f04c1d6fb572a62bcd046b9d410