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    Thank you guys, I appreciate your help!  BTW, I noticed a small slowdown issue that will be fixed in the next version.

    VS should allow the system to be super fast again, but after the next release, if you guys notice any slowdowns please let me know.  This is probably what is causing the FF / open all tabs issue as well, so please test 5.53e when it is released and let me know!

    Jasper, is there a chance that these two items were not running when the whitelist was reset (and the snapshot was taken).  I am assuming this is the case, and they will probably be detected as Not Safe when they are launched.  Either way, please keep an eye on it and if you see anything funny, please let me know.  Also, for now I am not manually changing any Not Safe WLC verdicts to Safe (except a few dismhost.exe files), but we might in the future.  So if you ever need to reset your whitelist again, the Not Safe items will need to be set to Safe.  Thank you guys!