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    SudoJudo: Based on what I have seen lately, I suspected a DDOS and more direct targeting on VS.


    A few things I believe are happening, at least from my perspective and experience in such matters.

    1) Dan’s latest incarnations are going to prove to be very serious competition for some firms down the road in the fairly close timeline.

    2) Using some methods (and sources I can’t disclose) a couple beta versions back the application when setup a specific way was proving close to 86% effective against not only all known threats, but most undisclosed/unknown methods. (including state sponsored this or that) I knew this was going to attract some attention to Dan and his resources.

    So keep it up Dan. The worse they get the better it means VS is becoming. Pissing them off is probably important validation for pointing yourself in the right direction.

    Thank you, I appreciate that!