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    Thank you for the suggestion!  That sounds kinda similar to the first option on the WhitelistCloud Tab in VS Settings that I added in VS 5.51 or 5.52.  It is a drop down box that contains these options:

    Do not Automatically Allow Safe WhitelistCloud items
    Allow Safe WhitelistCloud items when OFF or AutoPilot (this is the default)
    Automatically allow Safe WhitelistCloud items Full-Time

    Is this pretty much what you are talking about?

    I was not totally happy with the wording of these 3 options, so if anyone has any suggestions that would be really cool.

    Also, we are going to have to figure out the defaults for all of the new WLC options.  For example, I think most people do not need the WLC Icon, and a lot of people will not need the firewall component.  The default settings for SMB / Enterprise are totally obvious since it will be mainly managed from the Web Management Console, but for home users it is a little tricky.

    I was even thinking about replacing the Initial Mode window that is shown on first run (attached) with something somewhat similar, but it would instead query about the user skill level…

    Novice | Intermediate | Advanced | Corporate / Biz

    So then from there we can set the initial mode and tweak the settings so it is automatically customized for the user based on computer skill level.  We could also add a drop down in the settings so they can change this later if they want.