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    Dan: Cool, thank you guys, I see the issue that Jasper is having and it is an easy fix.  Basically, the users who are having issues have something unique in their whitelist that is not handled correctly in the code, but it is extremely easy to fix once I see the DeveloperLogs and the whitelist.db.  So anyone having an issue with the whitelist / WLC, please email me ([email protected]) your DeveloperLog.log, DeveloperServiceLog.log and whitelist.db (from c:\programdata\voodooshield).  I will look at each one and make sure that the snapshot scan works correctly with any of these unique items in the whitelist.  It should take a day or so and it should work great after that.  Thanks again!

    I have completely uninstalled v5.52 beta.  I have nuked it!!!!!!!  🙂

    I will be installing v5.53b beta later on, today. I have to  drive 65 miles, to  get up my car which has been at the mechanics for service.

    P.S.  I could never find that reset button, or the refresh for the Whitelist issue.  Hopefully, everything will be alright with a fresh install.

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