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    installed 5.53b_beta over 5.52, smooth so far, no problems seen yet, MSEdge browser open ok, scan duration 4.11 seconds… yikes timeout, updated info: next scan took 60.95 seconds and seems to be “spinning” — will try reset…

    WLC found my vpn client NOT SAFE and continues to scan /analyze, ie, I’m getting NO option to whitelist it.  Also found conhost.exe and appears loopy for both.  (and 5.52 was running aok here — Dan must have broke it!)  You need logs, or just disable WLC and run a new whitelist reset??  Running reset…

    ok, reset the whitelist, and reenabled WLC, seems ok so far.  But also cleared the firewall rules and I got an unhandled exception, did not get details, if it happens again, will update.