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    GrDukeMalden: The thing about VPN’s, please don’t restrict ALL VPN access to this site. The model where you have to not connect through a VPN to make an account should be enough.


    You could log information about the location from their IP address and their internet provider. Just prevent people from making an account while using a VPN and maybe also restrict access to the site without an account too.

    You’re probably already aware of this, but internet providers in America are allowed to snoop without their customer’s consent now, you know they’d be keeping logs of activity like what you’re worried about….as well as everything else.

    Connections from TOR though need to be blocked here though, nobody needs to use the tor browser to access this site.


    Great advice and insight, thank you, I appreciate that!  Yes, we will do pretty much what you spelled out here.

    BTW, they responded already, about a half an hour ago with a simple email that said “stfu loser”.

    I apologize that we need to make this public, but unless we do, they are never going to stop.

    Cyberstalking should be taken very seriously and it is a crime.  This is why trolling of any kind should not be allowed by moderators of any forum, otherwise it can easily escalate into situations like this.  Hopefully everyone has learned something from all of this.

    And believe me, we will catch them and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.