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    TerrakionSmash: For some reason, everything I start starts so slowly when VoodooShield is on with this beta making my stuff unusable. Also snapshot taking after every reboot.

    Thank you for pointing that out!  I see what is going on in the DeveloperLog.log… for some reason VS is scanning items it should not be scanning with the blacklist scanner, and maybe even with VoodooAi.

    I will look into this right now.  Once this is fixed, the DeveloperLog.log should only log items that actually need to be scanned with the blacklist scanner and VoodooAi, which are essentially new files that are not yet on the whitelist that are outside of the system space and the program files folders.

    Once this is fixed, everything should be super fast.  BTW, you can check the DeveloperLog.log and there will be an entry that starts with “Blacklist scan: ” whenever a file is scanned with the blacklist scanner.  The goal is to reduce this as much as possible and to rely on WLC even more.  Thanks again!