Reply To: VoodooShield and SRP

    Yeah, it is definitely best for VS to not implement SRP, especially when we can just do anything extra we want in the kernel mode driver.

    The thing is, it was a very, very close call and I took a very serious look at it… I basically played around with SRP all weekend.  I always wondered why the SRP products that I have used in the past did not offer the ability to allow / whitelist new items “on the fly”.  I mean, you can install new software by disabling SRP, but when you do, it does not learn / whitelist the item, so if you want to whitelist something, you have to manually do so, and then log off and log back on the computer.

    That was the real deal breaker as far as implementing SRP into VS goes.  I mean, we would not be able to offer a user prompt with an Allow button.  Well, we actually could have an allow button that would create the rule immediately to whitelist that item, but that rule would not take effect until the user logged off and logged back on the machine.  Which obviously would never work for VS users.

    Learn something new everyday ;).