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    Triple Helix

    Baldrick: Hi Dan


    How doing?

    Have a small issue with 5.52Beta…no matter what I do or what I check the Notiification Area icon remains ‘Red’, and when I check in Settings I see the ‘Unresolved Not Safe Items’ counter showing ‘1’. When I click on the link I am taken to a list of items all showing as ‘Safe’, the only discerning feature being that one of the items has the Firewall Rule Boxes ticked…none of the others in the list have ticks against them. Removingthe ticks has no effect.

    It is not causing a major issue other than it is annoying to not be able to tell when there really is something to investigate.

    Let me know if you want logs sent and if so then which one(s).

    Cheers, Baldrick


    Same issue I’m seeing as well!

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