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    Cool, thank you guys, Gracie is doing well, all things considered.  She was playing with her friends at the park and one of them accidentally slashed her with his paw and cut her open pretty bad.  But she is going to make a full recovery.  It was such a beautiful day at the park, VS 5.50 was almost finished, and everything was just perfect, then this happened ;).  It is funny what curveballs we experience in life… it makes you appreciate the good times.

    Anyway, back to VS.  Besides the Edge and Brave issue, is VS 5.52 running great for everyone?

    Also, one of you guys emailed me about the Desktop Shield Gadget not always being on top sometimes.  I am keeping an eye on this.  If you guys notice this as well, please try to figure out if another of your apps is trying to gain TopMost status, and please let me know which one it is so I can test.  Either way we will figure it out soon.

    VS 5.53 beta is ready, I just am waiting to hear on a couple of things and make some final tweaks, then I will post it.

    Thank you guys!