Reply To: VoodooShield and SRP

    Disclaimer: Novice+ user here so all I did could have been totally wrong but I had always a backup so I wouldn’t rage if all went south.

    I used appguard before it became a subscription model. Since I have a rather static system and after adding some programs appguard worked good for me. As long as my stuff runs and works as expected I don’t care if I get popups for memory blocks or so. Systems runs normal > don’t care about “memory blocks”.
    If the wouldn’t get greedy for company money and had decent end user prices I would still think about it.

    I used Hard Configurator from Andy Full. Besides having activated 173 sponsors on the blocklist and nearly maxed all the “designated file types” I didn’t see any block in my “blocked events” log.

    The file types I see in the list I have never encountered as a home user and doubt I ever will. I can update stuff like adguard (desktop app from the adblocker) without problems.

    From memory: VS on the other hand gives tones of popups when adguard uses.tmp or tmp.exe for updating from a dumb filepath. [Getting as “suspicious” warning in VS without any real VT results to back it up doesn’t help much]

    I know it’s the fault of adguards devs for using stupid file pathes but you either trust them and disable VS and hope for Windows Defender/your AV or click accept 10++ times in VS 😀

    Tldr: As long as SRP seems to let me block 173 sponsors and dozens of strange file types without any problems why not give me an option to do it in VS?


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