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    Unauthorized Alien:… I’m using KIS, I like how you can block internet incoming/outgoing traffic for not safe files feature. It doesn’t work for Kaspersky Firewall though. Would Windows Firewall be recommended to use and disable Kaspersky’s instead of manually doing it myself?
    I do want to use the blocking feature.

    What settings should I change to harden Windows Firewall?

    OK, first, firewalls are a bit like AVs, you can only have one running at a time, or they fight.

    Windows Firewall ships with Windows, it costs you nothing extra. However, it has arguably one of the worst UIs in history, so…

    You need a front-end GUI and the two best ones are Windows Firewall Control (WFC) from Binisoft, or Glasswire. I use WFC, Jasper The Rasper uses Glasswire.

    When you install WFC it immediately reverses Microsoft’s Stupidity Settings and gives you Default Deny Outbound and Unrestricted Inbound — their philosophy is the same as mine and many other experts: a malware that can’t phone home is fundamentally f neutered. It allows you to protect the firewall Rules and State from external tampering, so yes it can be hardened.

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