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    simmerskool: late to the (v5.50) party.  But so far so good.  Still not sure I’m up to speed, I just installed 5.52beta.  Is that current or is Dan on 5.53?


    Was running VS 5.04 + WLC 1.04.  I uninstalled 5.04 but kept logs and settings.  Uninstalled WLC 1.04 everything.  Then installed VS 5.52beta.  It “remembered” my pro registration (must be that VAi feature 😉 and with WLC icon in systray — total happiness! WLC found 1 expected NOT SAFE and got that popup as I had tweaked in settings, whitelisted that, and it all seems to be running 5×5 — it’s behaving the way I “logically” expected it to work.  Kool! The WLC integration is seemingly perfecto so far, at least on this win10_vm test box.

    Now can one of you win10 experts tell me why Edge is always connected (apparently online) or why VS always sees it in yellow as connected?  Long weekend, perhaps time to dig deeper into the network…  Just running windows defender with Andy Ful’s configuredefender tweaks and VS.  Edge browser, with Brave on the side for testing.

    Dan disregard PM re 5.04, obvious “fix” ref openvpn as a webapp.

    I hope y’all had a happy thanksgiving.



    Hey simmerskool,

    Have a look here about Microsoft Edge preloading: