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    Jasper The Rasper

    Dan: Hey guys, I am hoping we are almost there.  If for some reason the scan is still taking forever, please email me your DeveloperLog.log and DeveloperServiceLog.log from the C:\ProgramData\VoodooShield folder.  The initial scan should take less than 10 minutes, and all subsequent scans should take a second or two.


    If you were not experiencing issues with 5.51, then you can install over the top.  Otherwise, I would uninstall VS, reboot the computer and install 5.52.

    I also included an automatic cleanup of the following folders, which runs right before each snapshot scan.  I personally think it is a great feature to add to VS anyway, but if there is a reason we should not automatically clean up the temp files, please let me know.  BTW, it automatically skips any files that are in use.



    Also, I read a suggestion somewhere that was really cool… if you are still having issues with the WLC, please try the standalone version of WLC and let me know how it does.  The code is essentially the same at this point, but it is a smart troubleshooting step either way.  You can download it here:

    BTW, there should not be a conflict between the standalone version of WLC and VS, so it should be safe to run them along side each other.  Although there is obviously not a reason to do so now, with WLC being fully integrated into VS.  I have to admit, I miss the tiny WLC standalone app though 😉.

    Please let me know how it goes, thank you guys!

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    Hi Dan

    I am trying to enclose the logs you are requesting but I am unable to enclose the logs in the message section here or via your support section of your website.

    Is there another way, the logs are probably going to be too long to post in the forum.


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