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    Hi Dan

    Hope that you are well. Thanks for 5.52Beta. Now clean installed and running.

    Funny thing though. On both my systems with 5.51.Beta…initially all was as you stated it should be…initial scan some 5-10 minutes and then very quick follow on scans…but then after a while the follow on scans started extending in terms of duration to the point that nothing was being found but VS was still desperately trying to find somrthing .

    Anyway, with 5.52Beta installed all is running as it should but will keep an eye on it over then weekend because if the issue is still about it will not manifest itself until Saturday or later today, Friday.

    Generally, have to say for the zillionth time…what an app…and I just wonder what more greatness you are thinking of for putting into it. Do you ever rest? Or is the draw of Vegas still strong in you? ;o)

    Respect, Baldrick



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