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    Krusty: I think the WLC firewall rules only block access to non-whitelisted files.  WLC doesn’t create ‘Allow’ rules.


    Just wondering… Could it be a slow connection between me and the WLC servers causing the WLC scan to take so long?

    Well, the main SQL server is a super fast Microsoft Azure cloud database, and 90% + of the results will come directly from this server.  Unless you are rocking a dialup connection in Australia, I imagine this is probably not an issue.  We can actually replicate the SQL server to several different locations around the world, which will speed things up even more.  What kind of speeds do you guys get down under? ;).

    I am guessing that there is / was a bug in the code somewhere that is hopefully fixed now… especially since it was taking longer than 10 minutes.  I think WLC was somehow stalling when it was trying to analyze files that it is not capable of analyzing, like .dat files.  This should be fixed now, but if not, please let me know and also send me your 2 logs, and we will get it fixed in a jiffy ;).

    Sorry if I skipped a few posts… its been a long few weeks and I am dying to get away from the computer for a while ;).

    Thank you guys, have a great weekend!