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    Triple Helix: Do we have to check the Boxes in the Firewall list in WLC?




    The inbound and outbound boxes will automatically be checked when a WLC Not Safe file is encountered.  When the user verifies the item as safe, the firewall rules are automatically removed, so the boxes are then unchecked.  As you guys use these new features, please let me know if we need to tweak anything.  For example, maybe we do not want the boxes to become unchecked when the user verifies the item as Safe.  That is just an example, but you get my point.

    Anyway, the inbound and outbound boxes can also be used to block internet access for Safe items.  A couple of people have requested a similar feature in the past because they wanted to block certain safe apps from accessing the internet.  Anyway, it’s pretty cool because you can do exactly that with these checkboxes ;).