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    Telos: Another very clean warning (also under D: \Program Files\)


    This should actually work if you set your Program Files Windows environment variable to D:\Program Files, but until you do, VS just thinks it is just another folder on the drive ;).  Or you could always create a VoodooShield Rule.  I am actually shocked that a lot of people do not use the Rules feature… it is one of VS’s best features in my opinion.

    Also, WLC did not auto allow this because I changed the very first / top setting in the WhitelistCloud settings tab in VoodooShield Settings.  I wanted the auto allowing of Safe WLC files to be more flexible, so I changed it from a binary text box / option to a drop down box with 3 different options.  I set the default / middle option to still block WLC files when VS is ON… you know me, I still insist the computer should be locked when it is at risk ;).  The odds of someone bypassing WLC is extremely small.  Although a couple of weeks ago, someone was testing WLC and one of the malware files was signed with an EV cert.  What a waste of $600 ;).  Just kidding, I am quite sure they were just testing WLC, although I might look into it just to make sure.  Anyway, that malware file bypassed pretty much everything, including SmartScreen, and I believe it was mainly because of the EV cert.