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    Triple Helix: Do we have to check the Boxes in the Firewall list in WLC?

    Good question from my POV. I only have v4.70 (which works bloody beautifully Dan 🙂 ), but I’d assume the boxes are to insert rules for Windows Firewall. My assumption would be that you need to check the boxes to make the rule.

    I did look very hard at Glasswire, but they were not considering multi-user boxes at the time, and I was pointed to WFC which I now use. So I don’t know what Glasswire’s default ruleset is. You need to establish what the default Glasswire ruleset is, whether “deny outbound” or “deny inbound” (which is also the MS default). IF I was using WLC, I would check the outbound boxes for those that actually need outbound (which most don’t) and let WFC look after the rest.

    And yes, I do think Dan could add a clarification to the VS GUI on this matter, or put it into “How Whitelist Cloud works”…


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