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    gorblimey: @gandalf – Do the dimhost.exe entries all have the same qualified path?  And on a similar theme, are they all called in the same way?  This is important, as VS doesn’t just rely on the exe name.



    @Mr.GumP – How long have you had those 13 items?  If they haven’t been pinged for antisocial behaviour before, they’re probably safe.

    However, I strenuously suggest the use of a reputable firewall set to default deny all outbound, so you can make sure your softs are only talking to permitted people.  I use and recommend Windows Firewall, and Windows Firewall Control by which will automatically rework Microsoft’s Stupidity Settings plus it’s FREE from MalwareBytes.

    Windows Firewall is shipped as part of Windows…

    WFC is certainly cool and a lot of people will want to lock the firewall down in the way you described.  I think for VS and WLC, blocking only Not Safe items is not only smart and secure, but also elegant.  Please play around with it and let me know what you think!  We do not want to go crazy with the new VS / WLC firewall features, but if we think it is a good idea to develop this feature a little more or add a few things, then maybe we should ;).  At this point it will be super simple to do… the hard part is over.