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    VS will automatically block all items that are unknown to the blacklist (VT) when it is in any of the protected modes (AutoPilot, Smart Mode or Always ON).  The “vulnerability” that you heard of is not a vulnerability at all… it is a sleight of hand / magic trick performed by some people who are pissed that VS is doing well.  Essentially what they do is build the file, then scan it with VT, then immediately “test” the file with VS on AutoPilot… that way the engines on VT have not had time to run the more comprehensive analysis, which is when the malicious verdicts start to appear.  It is a total scam… they know this would never happen in the real world, and they only do it to try to make VS look back.  The reason I know about their little magic trick is because I see results on the back end… well, that, and someone was kind enough to send me the samples ;).