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    I’ve had some issues with this, also I have some confusion…

    Installing both, it said unsafe file and was red. Clicked it, it said everything was fine.

    Also I am becoming very confused as to what VS and WLC are now, and how they interact. If I am confused, I think others may be as well. I guess I would put it like this;

    1) Is a separate icon necessary?

    2) Is WLC necessary if I have a third party firewall installed? If so why? If not, should that be stated somewhere?

    3) How does WLC activated in VS change how VS operates? What are the pros and cons of having it activated or not?

    To me, I thought WLC was going to be integrated entirely into VS so it was rather seamless, and basically replaced the VirusTotal aspect of VS to be more reliable and less false positive prone. Not integrated as another, potentially confusing layer of the product.

    Others can weigh in, but honestly I think WLC should just be fully integrated. No new icon. Then the firewall rule aspect could be enabled/disabled depending on if a third party FW is installed. WLC at that point would function like a VT authentication of good/bad files?

    Maybe someone can help alleviate my confusion.