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    simmerskool: does this forum app have a setting to follow a particular member, eg, Dan, so that if he posts something, the following_user gets an email notice?  No time lately to log in every day just for a look-see.  (my bad)


    I agree with simmerskool. … Not only do I want to follow members whom I find smart and interesting, but I would like many of the features that I have as a member on other established forums to be here: emojis, the ability to thank a post, the ability to edit my posts into the future so I can correct spelling mistakes or update something I have posted, etc…

    I want this forum to grow in membership and I suspect it would draw more traffic and new members if it upgraded its functions ASAP.

    The thing that got me to sign up as a member was an offer on posted on another forum that led me to “KeyMaster” Dan’s offer to “create two new ‘quality’ forum topics or blog posts,” and I would get a free one year license of Voodooshield Pro. After I did this, he added a year to my present license.  … My point is this is the kind of innovative thinking that will bring in new traffic and will lead to new members if the forum is “cutting edge” in its features and quality content.

    I am posting this as an attempt to help the forum, not as negative criticism.

    Thank you for listening.