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    Does VSPro treat a browser as just one more app in the system ?

    Essentially, yes. VS sees two different types of app on any system: those that use the internet and those that don’t. It has a list of popular browsers, email clients and other internet users which you can simply tick off; and you can enter the name of any the list doesn’t include. For example, Dan has not put K-Meleon browser or Gammadyne Clyton email into the pre-selections, but no worries, I just used the GUI to browse to the programs 🙂

    And yes, you can use as many internet apps at once as you want: I frequently use all my browsers and my email concurrently. VS doesn’t care, because it’s only looking for non-whitelisted processes.

    As for sandboxing, I wouldn’t bother. They are really just a simple Virtual Machine, I’m not sure VS can see inside them. Remember that all security programs do impact on productivity performance, so you need a couple of really good ones with tiny footprints rather than a mob of digital elephants tramping all over. My personal preference is to ditch everything except VS and Windows Firewall, then use Windows Firewall Control to allow everything inbound and only whitelisted outbound. Two security apps working smoothly like Kelpies keeping the mob of sheep behaving themselves.

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